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About us

In 2006, Bali Shopping Spree established its main office in Bali - taking advantage of the competitive costs, the up-to-date communications infrastructure and the well developed tourist industry.

Bali Shopping Spree is a new name and a fresh approach to a long-established partnership in Asia that combines eastern and western business practices with fifteen years experience in exporting antique and reproduction furniture, ethnic art and home accessories from Indonesia to US markets.

From years of personal experience, the founders of Bali Shopping Spree, have acquired a deep understanding and appreciation of the frustrations of overseas buyers who come to Indonesia in search of products for import. We have established this agency to provide valuable services and effective solutions in outsourcing and supply chain management. Our mission is to assist clients in product sourcing and all other aspects of buying and shipping and to aid our clients in the process of building active partnerships with Indonesian manufacturers.

Bali has long been a favorite destination for international travelers and is renowned for its fascinating culture, beautiful beaches and five-star accommodations. Bali is also served daily by numerous international air routes and, the convenience of travel, the comfortable atmosphere and the attractive surroundings, along with the availability of a vast array of high


quality products, has made Bali a valuable resource for decorators, importers and retailers alike looking for unique and reasonably priced hand-crafted merchandise.

However, coming to Indonesia to visit manufacturers, source merchandise, oversee production and arrange shipping for goods can often be expensive, time consuming and inconclusive. Through years of experience and much leg work, Bali Shopping Spree has developed working relationships with numerous manufacturers that have pre qualified as the best suppliers of specific products.

Our aim is to focus your efforts on those manufacturing sectors that have proven to be cost effective and commercially rewarding and to help deliver quality products from the most reliable sources at the most competitive prices.

We offer a personal and effective service that we hope succeeds in satisfying our customers every need and will help them to expand their markets, improve their profitability and the quality of their companies.

Satisfied Customers
Kent Frick, Sheptons Antiques, Denver, Colorado, USA
Barbara Gamer, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Kaye Hurtt, Kauai, Hawaii, USA

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